The Invisible art(ist)

I always felt that  movie making is one of the most atheistic arts there is. Cinematography actually creates such a realistic world that was never really there. Weather it’s a documentary, fiction or an art video it uses little fragments of reality and glues it together with different tools and mostly with an aspiring creative view. Lately it even seems that Movies are turning into the corner stone of our perception.

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Inception inside an inception inside an inception.

I was expecting a cinematic dream. A grand demonstration of magic and glamor. My worried friend told me: “be careful don’t build your expectations so high it will collapse on you”. And i welcomed it. I told him that in the recent years there were not enough movies for me to be excited so much about like this one. It became my my own private holiday which i share with few of my friends that came with me to the movie. It threw me back to more naive days. Days before Mega-plex, and cinema Cities, and Film Grand Festivals. Those were the days where you only have carton boards behind glass frames to glorify the movie for the potential viewer. In those ancient days of the past you could watch trailers only inside movie theaters, and surround 3d was connected to a close space with an enormous screen that covered most of your vision.

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How to get thrown off virtual stairs

Need is the basic necessity for every addiction.Actually, erase that, The inability to fill a need is the basic for any addiction. This so called  addiction does not have to contain  a needle, a box of chocolates or  a bottle of beer.It’s possible to be addicted to anything. Waking up at exactly a 6:30 in the morning, kissing your lover’s dimple, playing a video game till the break of dawn. My own addiction is one that is common for lot’s of people. Although i guess that some, see it as an aim and not as the addiction itself.  So my addiction is human beings.Crowds, One on one, smiles, stormy chatter or a quite dialogue. Closure, intimacy, sharing, laughter and most importantly the opposite of being ALONE. People are a source of infinite emotion and experience.

They are the pure magic ball that can always amaze you, excite you, anger you, sadden you, but in the end the connection to another human being offers some kind of shelter from yourself. And what i am more attracted to, the jewel in the cracked golden crown of relationships is THE GIRL. Her i need more then anything around.  She’s my most inner plea from this world.  She’s the sculpture of some sort of entity that knows my inner world as the palm of  it’s hand.  She’s that perfect counterpart that fits into that pazzel called ME. This perfect DNA string will know me from top to bottom, and even more importantly SHE WILL WANT ME. SHE WILL CRAVE FOR ME AS I CRAVE FOR HER. she will be mine forever and ever and all that crap.

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