Pray to your gods, it might save your movie

Up until recently I have been working at a hectic pace on my graduation film project. It is defiantly one of the most stressing things that I have endured throughout my life, and it’s not over yet, it simply got postponed. There was still too much to plan and had too many loose ends; And as if that wasn’t enough, crew members announced a week before filming that they “abandon ship” and one of the actors told me that he doesn’t have enough time to get ready for the date of shooting.

At that point I just felt that everything is going ablaze and hoped that in some magical way all of this will work out somehow.

One definitive rule that I’ve learned already throughout my four years of studying cinematography is that you can never be organized or well planned enough, and that is mostly true when you try to build a film from scratch – student style: you have a small amount of money and a limited amount of experience to get you ready for what will be the biggest project so far.  And for good or bad, you are dependent on friends and other students that will stand behind your idea and help you establish it.

At such difficult times, when everything might fall apart in an instant, it seems to make sense to go to higher levels, to address unseen and all powerful forces that might assist you with whatever difficulty you are facing. Human beings have been doing this for thousands of years so why not do it again?

The religion of cinematography is of polytheistic nature; movie-making consists of different sub-systems that require monitoring by their own individual god who will also accept urgent and desperate prayers.

And why not turn to a very well known hierarchy of supreme beings, also knows as the Greek Pantheon, that has proven itself for several centuries already?

The movie god

Zeus (Ζεύς) – The head of the pantheon, he is known for his ill temper and is responsible for the way things turn out. When you turn to him in prayer, the response to your application will not consider whether you forgot to get the right official papers for blocking a street corner or not, so you can show them to an annoyed police officer, and a steady belief will not prevent of your editing station to just crash and cause all of your work to vaporize to null. Zeus represents the vague lack of control and he is the image of how things should go on while making a movie. You turn to Zeus in a cry for help or thank him silently when something just goes right for a change.

The second half of the Movie Gods project will be up soon. In the mean time, what gods do you turn to when you’re in distress?:)


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