A worth while zombie

I have never been much of a fan of zombies. Half rotten corpses that are advancing slowly toward their terrified pray were never my cup of tea. So when a friend of mine suggested that I start reading the walking dead comics, I was very skeptic about it. I thought that if you saw several zombie movies over the years then you know all there is to know about it. Oh boy was I wrong.

The beginning of the walking dead series is quite ordinary. An unknown man is waking up in a deserted hospital. He tears the needles that connect him to the medical machinery off his skin and starts walking through the corridors calling out help. And then he stumbles into a room full of zombies. As the terrified “Mr. Smith” starts escaping the hordes of undead I chuckled to myself. If there’s something that’s supposed to be so great about this comic it better show up soon.  And so it was several pages afterward.

The reader discovers that the survivor we encountered on the first few pages is an ex-cop who woke up from a coma and is trying desperately to find his family in the midst of the zombie outbreak. After a while he joins a group of survivors and then the story really begins.

The walking dead are actually the survivors who try to savor their humanity within a brutal and horrifying reality. How do you survive in such a lonely world? Where everyone you knew is either dead or has become a walking corpse? This comic really examines the extremes of the human self preservation basic urges. What are concepts such as good and bad in this god forsaken world?  As The reading progresses, the reader himself doesn’t know what will happen to the hero he reads about. Which one is gonna end up dead on the next page? What will be the fate of any character and what will be the next turn of events?

This series is written with such vast talent by Robert Kirkman. I was amazed repeatedly about how beautifully he crafted the characters and how realistic is the writing and the dialogues. Add to that the amazing penciling by Charli Adlard In griping black and white. His penciling is quite realistic and with very smooth lines but on the same time the whole gray atmosphere is adding so much to the portrayed world, till it seems like there is no other way to draw it.

I haven’t read such a stirring and addicting series for a long time. If you don’t mind (or love) some horror and are prepared for a really good story that will take you you for a ride to the depth of the human soul at its grimmest state,  go right ahead and pick it up. But be sure, you won’t put it down anytime soon.


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