A dream girl?

Today i got a message on Facebook from someone i don’t know. I guess that’s not too special by itself. But the user that sent me the message was a

girl whose profile pic was of her half naked body (it was taken from her waists down, and all that was covering her body were tiny panties). I wasn’t sure when did i accept her friendship  i don’t pay too much attention to those friendship request messages anyway.

So this girl asked me if i know any good places to out partying. I told her that i don’t really know any places that might match that. Then she said that she’s terribly bored and it’s too hot to go outside. From there the conversation digressed into how good i look and to questions regarding the measurements of some specific organ i posses. And then she asked if i think that she’s sexy . During all that time, i was talking to my friend on another chat about this absurd situation. The ideas we came up with about the secret identity of this “femme fatal” were:

1. “She’s” an extremely messed up and bored he.

2. “She’s” actually connected to some terrorist organization that tries to seduce naive Israeli horny males into their death.

3. She’s really who she seems to be.

I”m not sure weather i lacked the nerve or the patience to check which of this answers it might have been. Maybe i lack both. She invited me to meet her at that very same evening and i asked her if it might be possible to postpone and i asked her if it’s possible to postpone it. In reply she asked if i am really asking her that. And that in case she needs to spell it out for me, all she wanted was some crazy rough sex and and she wanted to have it with me. But i blew my chance, she’ll just have to ask someone else.

After this short chat with this mystery girl i started thinking about how attractive this idea of sleeping with some random stranger that i saw only in several pictures turned out to be. The friend i talked to during the whole conversation said that she would have tried it if she had the chance. And it got me thinking how much all of this expression of sexuality that pops up everywhere. From everything which might be commercial or communicative throughout every visual media or in the way most of women choose to dress. It’s not new that everything points towards sex. Sex sells and conquerors our mind through a very basic instinct. In the end of the day most of what stays in your mind is sex. And sex is power, it’s youth, it’s eternal happiness and a guarantee that you’re the best.

But Don’t get me wrong, i”m definitely in favor of sex. Maybe even awkward drunken sex if the situation calls for it. But i still like to talk and to know the person i”ll have sex with even on a basic level. As lame as it might seem.


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