Just swing with it!

I’m tapping across the sparkling dance floor and Holding a young dame in my arms. The atmosphere is dazzling and the drops of sweat are mixing with pure joy. The dance floor is filled till 100% capacity. Bodies are moving to the same rhythm, jolting one into another. Smiles are dropping everywhere like shreds of burning stars.

That’s how it’s in the movies. That’s how swing dancing is supposed to be. But it’s much cooler than that. It’s stumbling on some unsuspecting feet. Pushing too much or letting go too soon. It’s laughing to yourself while shooting some embraced smiles towards your dancing partner. And last but not least, it’s a place to meet girls (and boys too:P).

Every couple of minutes you switch hands, warp your body around another girl. Swing dating is the nickname that got attached to the swing lessons.

I look around me and see all of the guys who are able to joke and impress the girls they hold in their hands, but not me. I’m still too stressed to be too charming. So I grin and shoot some silly jokes into the air but still it’s fun. I spasm around while Trying to show my partner that I know what I’m doing, laughing at my reflection that bonuses off the mirror. As much as it’s embarrassing, it’s endless fun and I can’t wait for next time.


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