Few crumbs of info

  • You might not know about me: until recently i had a girlfriend from Germany. I might go into that a bit later but for now that’s it for personal details.
  • Yesterday i came across  something quite funny. It seems like news has speed of their own. And i don’t mean international news or really important info about happenings. I am talking about news concerning to heath issues. When me and my girlfriend were together i was exposed to interesting ideas that were really hard for me to accept, like that it was discovered that eating butter is not that much unhealthy, that tea tree oil really might be poisonous if you use it and that a wireless home phone radiation is far more dangerous then the radiation of a regular cellphone. I treated this info with suspicion, for several years now i am using my home phone to avoid all of this harmful cellphone radiation. But a few days ago about 5 months after i heard this the first time, the information got to israel through the media. Now all of a sudden everyone are trying to avoid the wireless phone epidemic and it has become the Renaissance of line phones. This makes me wonder what else we don’t know in this tiny “provincial” country of ours.
  • I”m nearly finished with Michael Chabone’s The Yiddish policemen’s union and i am enjoying it greatly. The review of the book will show up pretty soon.

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