The Invisible art(ist)

I always felt that  movie making is one of the most atheistic arts there is. Cinematography actually creates such a realistic world that was never really there. Weather it’s a documentary, fiction or an art video it uses little fragments of reality and glues it together with different tools and mostly with an aspiring creative view. Lately it even seems that Movies are turning into the corner stone of our perception.

It seems that people are extracting memories from fiction that reflect their real life from fiction. A sentence like “Wow it’s like that movie…”, has become a basic insight in the modern western culture and a basic method of creating social con. This realities, molded into small capsules that float directly into our mind from the silver screen or bounce from the tv set are being screwed into our collective mind as part of our own life, our own memories.

Cinema has become a kind of telepathy, lunching it’s images and reality into our mind. This is one of the attributes that i admire the most about cinema. If it’s working, it actually changes something inside people. If it’s a good experience then you are not experiencing it from an emotional  distance like a painting or a sculpture and it uses most of your senses. You know that this is not your life, this is not something that you experienced yourself but still it’s inside there, defines how you remember your life, what you expect. It just jumps in and enters your soul  through your eyes and ears. It enriches your reality, during an hour and half you acquire minutes, hours, months. an eternity of memories that are not really yours but will always be a part of you.


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