Inception inside an inception inside an inception.

I was expecting a cinematic dream. A grand demonstration of magic and glamor. My worried friend told me: “be careful don’t build your expectations so high it will collapse on you”. And i welcomed it. I told him that in the recent years there were not enough movies for me to be excited so much about like this one. It became my my own private holiday which i share with few of my friends that came with me to the movie. It threw me back to more naive days. Days before Mega-plex, and cinema Cities, and Film Grand Festivals. Those were the days where you only have carton boards behind glass frames to glorify the movie for the potential viewer. In those ancient days of the past you could watch trailers only inside movie theaters, and surround 3d was connected to a close space with an enormous screen that covered most of your vision.

And then it started, The huge LOGO of Warner bros stood up on the screen. And the experience begun. A movie can sometimes severe as a slide you just drift off and loose control. Your mind somehow absorbs the the huge 16:9 square that’s in-front of you Directly inside your eyes.

It happens less and less to me. As you grow older , turn cynical, learn more about cinema, and start seeing the strings behind the magic tricks better it’s hard to go there. Inception talks about dreams and the idea of entering them and manipulating them to the advantage of the intruder.

As for a movie being very close to a dream by itself – an image that was created in peoples heads and was then created by tools of construction (such as cameras, recording devices, editing studios and such…),  it deals with the creation of  movies themselves.

In inception there is a group of people building elaborate mazes and scenarios so that the dreamer will believe what he’s going through  so they could steal information or influence the dreamer into believing what he dreamed was real. This is what happens in movies too. A group of people are designing a maze for the viewer go through without noticing it’s a path that was drawn in a very artificial manner.

The maze didn’t work for me that well i must say. i felt the rubble under my feet, stumbled the stony walls and smelled the stench of the lack of authenticity. And still i can’t say i did not enjoyed the ride. There were such amazing ideas and astounding visionary without mentioning the astounding music that filled the movie.

Before i entered the movie theater, i was hoping that this going to be my new MATRIX, that i would jump out into a new world filled with colorful ideas and infinite possibilities. But when i exited the cinema all i felt was ten years older then when i first saw the matrix, and so was the world surrounding me.


2 thoughts on “Inception inside an inception inside an inception.

  1. well what i truly liked about inception is the fact that its original. not some random guy trying to revamp something thats already been made. dream within a dream within another dream? who would’ve thought of that? im sure the concept has been analyzed or thought of in psychology, but its cinematically original which i really liked about the movie 😀

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