Pray to your gods, it might save your movie II

In the second part of the Movie Gods project i will continue to review the different gods and their affiliation in the movie making business. Enjoy!

And for whoever needs it –  Pray to your gods, it might save your movie part I


Pray to your gods, it might save your movie

Up until recently I have been working at a hectic pace on my graduation film project. It is defiantly one of the most stressing things that I have endured throughout my life, and it’s not over yet, it simply got postponed. There was still too much to plan and had too many loose ends; And as if that wasn’t enough, crew members announced a week before filming that they “abandon ship” and one of the actors told me that he doesn’t have enough time to get ready for the date of shooting.

At that point I just felt that everything is going ablaze and hoped that in some magical way all of this will work out somehow.


A worth while zombie

I have never been much of a fan of zombies. Half rotten corpses that are advancing slowly toward their terrified pray were never my cup of tea. So when a friend of mine suggested that I start reading the walking dead comics, I was very skeptic about it. I thought that if you saw several zombie movies over the years then you know all there is to know about it. Oh boy was I wrong.

The beginning of the walking dead series is quite ordinary. An unknown man is waking up in a deserted hospital. He tears the needles that connect him to the medical machinery off his skin and starts walking through the corridors calling out help. And then he stumbles into a room full of zombies. As the terrified “Mr. Smith” starts escaping the hordes of undead I chuckled to myself. If there’s something that’s supposed to be so great about this comic it better show up soon.  And so it was several pages afterward.


A dream girl?

Today i got a message on Facebook from someone i don’t know. I guess that’s not too special by itself. But the user that sent me the message was a

girl whose profile pic was of her half naked body (it was taken from her waists down, and all that was covering her body were tiny panties). I wasn’t sure when did i accept her friendship  i don’t pay too much attention to those friendship request messages anyway.


Just swing with it!

I’m tapping across the sparkling dance floor and Holding a young dame in my arms. The atmosphere is dazzling and the drops of sweat are mixing with pure joy. The dance floor is filled till 100% capacity. Bodies are moving to the same rhythm, jolting one into another. Smiles are dropping everywhere like shreds of burning stars.

That’s how it’s in the movies. That’s how swing dancing is supposed to be. But it’s much cooler than that. It’s stumbling on some unsuspecting feet. Pushing too much or letting go too soon. It’s laughing to yourself while shooting some embraced smiles towards your dancing partner. And last but not least, it’s a place to meet girls (and boys too:P).


Withstanding the end of things

It seems that the end of the world is not the end of the world anymore. In the recent years it seems like there is a vast attraction to the concept of a mutilated world filled with shattered pieces of what once seemed to be life; the last human beings are trying to survive the horrific reality and keep their humanity in a world that has become savage and brutal; there are so many versions to this post-apocalyptic life, and it has even been described quite vividly in different religious beliefs.


Few crumbs of info

  • You might not know about me: until recently i had a girlfriend from Germany. I might go into that a bit later but for now that’s it for personal details.
  • Yesterday i came across  something quite funny. It seems like news has speed of their own. And i don’t mean international news or really important info about happenings. I am talking about news concerning to heath issues. When me and my girlfriend were together i was exposed to interesting ideas that were really hard for me to accept, like that it was discovered that eating butter is not that much unhealthy, that tea tree oil really might be poisonous if you use it and that a wireless home phone radiation is far more dangerous then the radiation of a regular cellphone. I treated this info with suspicion, for several years now i am using my home phone to avoid all of this harmful cellphone radiation. But a few days ago about 5 months after i heard this the first time, the information got to israel through the media. Now all of a sudden everyone are trying to avoid the wireless phone epidemic and it has become the Renaissance of line phones. This makes me wonder what else we don’t know in this tiny “provincial” country of ours.
  • I”m nearly finished with Michael Chabone’s The Yiddish policemen’s union and i am enjoying it greatly. The review of the book will show up pretty soon.

The Invisible art(ist)

I always felt that  movie making is one of the most atheistic arts there is. Cinematography actually creates such a realistic world that was never really there. Weather it’s a documentary, fiction or an art video it uses little fragments of reality and glues it together with different tools and mostly with an aspiring creative view. Lately it even seems that Movies are turning into the corner stone of our perception.


Inception inside an inception inside an inception.

I was expecting a cinematic dream. A grand demonstration of magic and glamor. My worried friend told me: “be careful don’t build your expectations so high it will collapse on you”. And i welcomed it. I told him that in the recent years there were not enough movies for me to be excited so much about like this one. It became my my own private holiday which i share with few of my friends that came with me to the movie. It threw me back to more naive days. Days before Mega-plex, and cinema Cities, and Film Grand Festivals. Those were the days where you only have carton boards behind glass frames to glorify the movie for the potential viewer. In those ancient days of the past you could watch trailers only inside movie theaters, and surround 3d was connected to a close space with an enormous screen that covered most of your vision.


How to get thrown off virtual stairs

Need is the basic necessity for every addiction.Actually, erase that, The inability to fill a need is the basic for any addiction. This so called  addiction does not have to contain  a needle, a box of chocolates or  a bottle of beer.It’s possible to be addicted to anything. Waking up at exactly a 6:30 in the morning, kissing your lover’s dimple, playing a video game till the break of dawn. My own addiction is one that is common for lot’s of people. Although i guess that some, see it as an aim and not as the addiction itself.  So my addiction is human beings.Crowds, One on one, smiles, stormy chatter or a quite dialogue. Closure, intimacy, sharing, laughter and most importantly the opposite of being ALONE. People are a source of infinite emotion and experience.

They are the pure magic ball that can always amaze you, excite you, anger you, sadden you, but in the end the connection to another human being offers some kind of shelter from yourself. And what i am more attracted to, the jewel in the cracked golden crown of relationships is THE GIRL. Her i need more then anything around.  She’s my most inner plea from this world.  She’s the sculpture of some sort of entity that knows my inner world as the palm of  it’s hand.  She’s that perfect counterpart that fits into that pazzel called ME. This perfect DNA string will know me from top to bottom, and even more importantly SHE WILL WANT ME. SHE WILL CRAVE FOR ME AS I CRAVE FOR HER. she will be mine forever and ever and all that crap.


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